• Allie Kenien

Kicking Off Spring with a Kids Indoor Garden Party!

One particularly cold and snowy winter, my daughter and I started a countdown to the first day of spring. We made a huge construction paper chain, and she patiently pulled off one link per day. We talked about warm sunshine, bright flowers, green grass, leafy trees, and outside games.

I realized my mistake when she went to bed on spring equinox eve and the ground was completely covered in snow. She came racing downstairs in the morning and looked outside with a frown. "Where are the flowers?" she asked.

Now I've learned to create spring celebrations that actually feel like spring. This year, we decided to throw a "We Made It To March" Garden Party.

We bought flower balloons and picked out bouquets of flowers. We built an indoor garden and played nature sounds throughout the whole house.

We spread out our picnic blanket to eat our snacks and drink juice from fancy tea cups.

I had been tempted to fall into the Pinterest black hole of garden party ideas. A few minutes of browsing and I was ready to buy butterfly cookie cutters, bake cupcakes, and build a garden out of fruit skewers. But, I decided to keep things small and the kids were just as happy.

We ended up making flowers out of veggies and hummus.

After the picnic, the kids decided to turn the garden into a hideout and they played there for the rest of the afternoon.

While our little spring party cheered us out of the winter blues, we still had to wake up the next morning to a backyard filled with snow. Spring is slow to come in our neighborhood, but at least now our house is filled with fresh flowers to remind us of the warm days ahead.